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The History of Remedial Massage in Richmond

Richmond Rehab originally operated as Richmond Remedial for over 8 years inside Fitness First in Richmond.  In late 2014 we decided to move to a new location and rebrand ourselves as Richmond Rehab.

With the new change came a slew of new services

  • Remedial Massage
    • The same great massage, myotherapy and sports recovery that we’ve always done
  • Physiotherapy
    • As one of our directors graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy we thought…. lets bring those great skills to help assess and manage those issues that massage won’t help to resolve
  • Pilates
    • What a perfect compliment to our massage and physio services.  By offering pilates, we can really help to get your body moving the way it is meant to.

The Remedial Massage Team

We’ve always been proud of our fantastic massage team.  All of our therapists have a minimum of an Advanced Diploma which means they are highly qualified to manage all sorts of muscular issues.

What is in the future for the clinic?

You name it!  We have a strong drive to positively improve our patients lives through massage, corrective exercise and practical advice.  Keep a close eye on the website to see what other great services we add in the future.