What makes a good massage slide!

//What makes a good massage slide!

What makes a good massage slide!

There are 3 types lubrications used at the clinic which are water based oil, Sorbolene and Premax.

Premax Massage Cream

Premax is a high-end quality massage cream which is more viscous or grippy compared to other massage creams. The therapist only uses a small amount for a more slow and controlled stroke to loosen up the muscle tissue. Premax ingredients include beeswax, aloe vera, vitamin e and natural oils to moisturise the skin.

Premax Massage Cream - Richmond Remedial Massage

For more information see www.premax.com.au/about.


Sorbolene for massage

Sorbolene is another type of cream used as a better substitute for cheap massage oils as it has no scent, moisturises the skin and doesn’t clog up the pores in your skin. Although it’s primary use is for dry, flaky and damaged skin, it’s used in the clinic for how simple it is to slide through the skin which means less of a burning sensation or pull on body hair.

Sorbolene Massage Cream

For more information visit http://www.redwin.com.au/sensitive-skin-product/sorbolene-sensitive-skin-moisturisers/.


Massage Oil

Lastly we use melrose water based oil when we need a really slippery surface such as if we were to do a full body treatment or to perform cupping. This type of oil has no scent to it, no stickiness that may cause your clothes to stick to your body post treatment and added Vitamin E for skin stability.

Water Dispersible Massage Oil

For more information see https://www.melrosehealth.com.au/categories/MassageRange

All products are allergen-free and for any further information please contact the clinic on 1300 559 600. We hope to see you soon!

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