Remedial Massage

Shinya is a passionate Myotherapist who has been practicing in clinical settings such as sport medicine clinic and sports medicine clinic where he has treated numbers of athletes.  He utilises techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, muscle energy technique, and dry needling to reduce pain and discomfort and increase functionality of musculoskeletal systems.   

Having worked as a Registered Nurse and a care worker in New York and Japan, Shinya has contributed to provide care and treatments for wide range of personals from small children to elderlies. He also loves traveling, spent some precious time as a volunteer nurse in an orphanage in Malaysia and Guatemala. 

Those unique experiences inspired and opened his mind to view and tune into individual needs with non-judgemental manner. Shinya believes that his treatment plans develop from listening carefully to clients’ history and story and his motivations root from being the best assistant to maximise individual health status. 

Shinya has an active life style, playing sports and training regularly for dance performances. He also loves cooking sushi and playing a guitar to entertain his friends for comfortable weekends.